Faces of Captivity & Life Behind Bars

What is the value of captivity? My feelings and opinions towards the concept of a Zoo are complex at best. I'd likely own a season pass if I lived near one and if possible, be involved, but also feel animals should not be placed on display and made to perform for our entertainment. So I am a bit hypocritical for sure.

While it may not feel as evil as the traveling circus or as depressing as a pet store, the reality stays true to benefiting from placing a living creature on display in often very small enclosures. The defense of education can only combat entertainment for so long.

I believe it's important to understand and learn about the conditions that we wish to support or not and I also accept that seeing is believing when not everyone can travel around the world. The defense of education, however, can only combat the entertainment value for so long.

I'll continue to visit Zoos around the world and I'll continue creating portraits of the animals we share this planet with but the world must learn to accept animals as equals and the world needs to pay as much attention to the environment's well-being as we do the weekly reality TV show.

A wild animal never becomes a pet but it does become dependant on those responsible for captivity. Organizations must be held accountable with a very high standard of respect towards these faces behind bars under their care.

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