Prince Edward Island

The smallest province in Canada and borders defined by the ocean, the initials PEI is what I call close to home. I have always lived here and have watched changes spanning 40 years. Creating images of my most intimate surroundings is the project I'm most emotionally attached to.

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Signs of Erosion

From the crashing storm surging waves at high tide to the effects of seasonal changes, Prince Edward Island's coastline is always changing. Some published reports suggest as much as 12 inches can be lose in a single year.

Our climate continues to change and the storms become more frequent and more intense like the fall of 2019, the results are more than visible.

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Seen From Above

I absolutely love seeing the landscape from above and any chance I have to get in a plane or helicopter with a camera, I'll take it.

It provides a much deeper appreciation and understanding of my surroundings when creating images from the ground. I spend a significant amount of time browsing Google Earth but that doesn't replace seeing it for yourself.

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Greenland Grandeur

In partnership with OFFBEAT travel workshops, I've become very comfortable with a small town 350km north of the artic circle. I'm now actively in the middle of planning my 5th visit since 2015, and Greenland is starting to feel more and more like my second home.

I've watched the town of Ilulissat change and after spending more than 2 months on the west coast of Greenland, an area responsible for producing 35 billion tonnes of icebergs annually, the scale of the melt feels very apparent.

Northern communities are isolated and beautiful.

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