About The Images

I am a landscape, nature, wildlife and editorial photographer based in Prince Edward Island, Canada, but my interest in photography started with traditional painting. 15 years ago, I traded in my inks, paints and brushes for photographic equipment but the end goal remains the same.

Photography is a form of art but it's also about memories, experiences, and preservation. Photography can and should be about so much more than just taking pictures. It encourages us to stop and take that second look at our surroundings. It forces us away from computer screens. It encourages adventure. It triggers memories. And it documents the important things that are always changing.

We share this planet with a vast variety of other living things and photography is the gift to see and think more deeply about the environment we live in. A few of the words I associate with outdoor photography and the words I want to communicate with my images consist of cherish, preserve, appreciate, conserve, adore, defend, and protect.

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