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Can I Use Your Images?

All of my images are copyrighted and not free to use in any way without permission and a detailed usage agreement. Without prior written consent, images on this website may not be reproduced, copied or modified.

The Variables of Pricing

I sell licenses to use images from my existing library but I also accept assignment work to create new images.

Licensing images already created in my collection is priced differently than hiring me to create future unseen images.

All images are not created or valued equally because being hired to create 20 images on a single morning of a single subject is very different than creating 20 images that span 20 days, 40 days or multiple years.

License agreements can be multiple things. Royalty-free, rights-managed, exclusivity and copyright claims are all treated differently.

Common and easily reproduced images are not valued the same when compared to rare or once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Licensing for personal use is not the same as licensing for editorial use and is not the same as licensing for commercial use.

Please Contact

For all licensing requests, please contact me by email about any image you wish to use and describe how you plan on using it. We will work towards an agreement that is fair for both.

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