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A Photographer’s Guide to PEI

It may be Canada’s smallest province, but there is a remarkable diversity of scenery across Prince Edward Island. This book that I have co-created with John Sylvester is a collection of our favourite PEI locations to photograph. It is our self-guided tour traveling counter-clockwise around the Island's coastline. Visiting harbours, lighthouses, sand dunes and red cliffs along the way. It comes with great pride and excitement to see this project I worked on for so many years become a reality and a book I can hold. I truly hope you’ll enjoy it as well

ISBN-13: 978-1773660110 - Published by Acorn Press

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Images of the Night Sky

My next book is scheduled to be released in 2019.

eBooks for Photographers

In late 2010, I started working with Darwin Wiggett and his 25 years of experience photographing the Canadian Rockies to help design and publish a series of PDF guide ebooks based on his best-selling but out-of-print title "How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies".

The popularity of those ebooks eventually grew into a much bigger library and publishing company with Darwin and his partner Samantha Chrysanthou. I did not write any of these ebooks but I am very proud of this collection we have created together.

To date, I have designed and helped publish 22 ebooks on photography. You can find and download all of these ebooks at

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