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Image by Scott Dimond

Artist Statement

Keeping photography fun is an exciting task. Endless resources of information and much to learn without any pressure or expectations. The idea of recording the world onto single frames is an exercise that forces a closer look at light, colours and shapes. Either it be at home on quiet Prince Edward Island or the occasional travel to much larger destinations, a camera in hand has become as common as carrying identification. The desire to become better is stronger than ever but at the end of each day; it’s still all for fun.

Who is Stephen DesRoches?

Prince Edward Island is home and where I have had the fantastic opportunity to live the life of a full-time artist through a mix of both photography and design. My days are spent working with the great team at silverorange. I am the creative lead for TinEye (a reverse image and photography search engine) and proud to have been part of the Firefox branding process.

When not designing, the art of photography has become a full-time daily creative exercise for personal and commercial work. My current interests are focused on the changing landscape, conservation projects and the effects of our actions. I believe in a leave no trace attitude.

I am a contributing educator at OFFBEAT and previously worked with a publisher to create and design more than 20 photography related ebooks. I am a Prince Edward Island tourism ambassador and co-author of the book A Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island.

My interest in photography started with traditional painting and although my current tools of choice are now photographic equipment, the end goal to create is all the same.

Selfie in Snowbird Jet #9

Image by Dave Brosha

Assignments & Licensing

I occassionally accept assignment work. If the images you need are something I feel confident in creating, let's have a conversation. For all requests, please contact me by email using the link above.

For all licensing requests, please contact me by email about the image you wish to use and describe how you plan on using it. We will work towards a rights-managed or royalty-free agreement that is fair for both. My images are not free to use in any way without prior permission and a detailed usage agreement.

If you live on PEI, you may already be carrying a print of mine. An image on mine appears on the Prince Edward Island public provincial health card.


Photography Lessons & Workshops

If you have a question or two, I'm always available to try and help by email. Or considering joining the OFFBEAT community where myself, along with others write monthly articles about anything photography. Past workshops have been in partnership with Land and See, OFFBEAT, PPOC, and Island Nature Trust.

Land and See 2016 Team
PPOC workshop / Image by Louise Vessey

Proudly working with

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