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Image by Scott Dimond

Image by Scott Dimond

Artist Statement

Keeping photography fun is an exciting task. Endless resources of information and much to learn without any pressure or expectations. The idea of recording the world onto single frames is an exercise that forces a closer look at light, colours and shapes. Either it be at home on quiet Prince Edward Island or the occasional travel to much larger destinations, a camera in hand has become as common as carrying identification. The desire to become better is stronger than ever but at the end of each day; it’s still all for fun.

Who is Stephen DesRoches?

Prince Edward Island is my home and where I have had the great opportunity to live the life of a full-time artist through a mix of both photography and design. My days are focused on:

Image by Dave Brosha

Image by Dave Brosha

Available for Hire

I am an experienced commercial, real-estate, product and events photographer. For all requests, please contact me by email hello@stephendesroches.com

Review my commercial portfolio

For all licensing requests, please contact me about any image you wish to use and describe how you plan on using it.

Selfie in Snowbird Jet #9

Selfie in Snowbird Jet #9

Travel With Me to Greenland

OFFBEAT is now accepting registrations for our Greenland Grandeur Workshop in September 2019.

If you are interested in this adventure with myself, Paul Zizka and Curtis Jones where we will stand next to one of the world's most actively melting glaciers, we would love for you to come with us and travel above the arctic circle. Our workshop Itinerary.

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