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Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island

A Photographer’s Guide to PEI

A Photographer’s Guide to Prince Edward Island is a 95 page ebook created by John Sylvester and myself from 30 years of experience photographing this island we call home. Prince Edward Island is a great place for the landscape photographer. It may be Canada’s smallest province, but there’s a remarkable diversity of scenery from it’s red cliffs, green fields and blue water.

A project that took 3 years to complete – it comes with great pride and excitement to see this project in it’s final published status. Packed full of images, we designed this guide to take the reader on a visual tour of more than 40 of our favourite locations across Prince Edward Island. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, photographer or not, the contents of this ebook is our photographic tour for you, highlighting some of the most scenic stops from coast to coast.

It was a joy to work on this project together with John. I truly hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Prince Edward Island National Park Book

PEI National Park : Past and Present

Produced by The Acorn Press, Parks & People Association and Parks Canada PEI National Park, this 2012 book created in honour of the park’s 75th anniversary featuring my images along side other island photographers.

The book is available from Parks & People, and most island bookstores.

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  • Format: Hardcover (Print Only)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1894838764
Adventures in Light | Prince Edward Island

Adventures in Light | Prince Edward Island

This small 45 page digital-only book is a collection of my favourite images of Prince Edward Island created over the past few years and intended to tell my stories of Prince Edward Island through photographs. I have lived here all my life but until I seriously embraced landscape photography, I took my surroundings all too much for granted. After over 30 years, it’s amazing how much I have still yet to see. This ebook is what I like to call “close to home”.

It’s a simple portfolio collection with a small amount of text.

  • No longer available
Photography eBooks

eBooks for Photographers

In late 2010, I started working with Darwin Wiggett and his 25 years of experience photographing the Canadian Rockies to help build and design a series of guides based on his best selling How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies travel book. The popularity of the ebooks has since expanded into a bigger educational publishing company with partner Samantha Chrysanthou where I continue to play a key part in the creation and design of every ebook.

To date, along with John E. Marriott and Dave Brosha, we have published 22 ebooks. You can download these ebooks from

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Photography eBooks


For a limited time, I experimented with self publishing using the service of Blurb. Although the book is no longer available, you can still see a sample of the book here or read my review of Blurb here.