Stephen DesRoches, Canadian Rocky Mountains

About Stephen

Calling a small island in Atlantic Canada home, I have had the fantastic opportunity to live a life as a full-time artist. For the past 11 years, I have held the title of user experience designer and illustrator at silverorange, working with a variety of interesting projects, including Medical Education, Mozilla Firefox, Duolingo and TinEye.

But when not designing products, the art of photography has become a full-time daily creative exercise for personal and commercial work. The mix between design and photography complement each other nicely.

My path to photography started with the fine art of traditional painting and it was not until after installing my first pixel editing application in 1997, that I quickly migrated into the digital medium trading in my inks, paints and brushes. Immersed in the world of editing images, illustrations and page layouts made for the natural progression into making photographs of my own in 2001.

An artist at heart. It just happens that at this point in my career and journey, I’m expressing it with photographic equipment and software.

Selected clients include Parks Canada, Prince Edward Island Tourism, PEI 2014 and the Canadian Tourism Commission.

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