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Artist Statement

Keeping photography fun is an exciting task. Endless resources of information and much to learn without any pressure or expectations. The idea of recording the world onto single frames is an exercise that forces a closer look at light, colours and shapes. Either it be at home on quiet Prince Edward Island or the occasional travel to much larger destinations, a camera in hand has become as common as carrying identification. The desire to become better is stronger than ever but at the end of each day; it’s still all for fun.

About Stephen

Prince Edward Island is my home and where I have had the great opportunity to live the life of a full-time artist through a mix of both photography and design.

My days are focused on:

  • Being a husband and a dad. I have a 4 year old daughter.
  • Being a landscape, nature and commercial photographer. That is the focus of this website.
  • Being a designer at silverorange, and creative lead for TinEye - a reverse image and photography search engine.
  • Being an amateur traveller. I’m in a plane as often as I can be.
  • Being a contributor to OFFBEAT - a group focused on teaching photography through community, articles and workshops.
  • Being a designer for oopoomoo. Together, we have published more than 20 photography focused ebooks.
  • Being a tourism ambassador to Prince Edward Island. I also helped create the book 'A Photographer's Guide to PEI'.

Ethics Statement

Taking proper care of our environment is a growing concern and any lack of respect becomes visually apparent with the vast amount of new fencing and signage along our beaches in recent years. As a subscriber to The League of Landscape Photographers, I support this awarness initiative by good friends to encourage a leave no trace behaviour where possible.

For local Island interest, I would also encourage a visit to Island Land Trust, L.M. Montgomery Land Trust, and Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Our planet is worth protecting.


For all requests, the best way to reach me is by email at hello@stephendesroches.com

You'll also find me on Facebook & Instagram

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